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Nick Miners is an experienced freelance photographer based near Oxford, in the UK.

His contract work is focused primarily on interior and exterior architectural projects, including commercial and retail properties, hotels, hospitals, schools and academies, although he occasionally shoots events and portraits if asked nicely!

Using the latest specialist photographic equipment and with meticulous attention to detail Nick gets the very best out of even the smallest space, helping his clients to showcase their properties and brand with the utmost style and polish.

When not working for clients, he likes to explore the modern architecture of London, discovering shapes, patterns and angles that aren’t immediately apparent. He is particularly drawn to the bold, experimental shapes from the Brutalist style.

Away from the urban environment, Nick travels to Iceland as often as he can in search of the elusive perfect photo, despite knowing that it probably doesn’t exist! The result of which is a growing portfolio of stunning landscape photographs, some of which were taken from an altitude of 6,000 feet.

“Nick has been a delightful person to work with from beginning to end in the manner in which he adeptly and intuitively captured our vision & understood the requirements of the jobs I asked him to undertake. I loved Nick’s clean, clinical eye & fresh approach to buildings and architectural space & the inventive way he saw often quirky & original approaches to our new school building.”

Nicholas Soar, Head Teacher, Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate School for Girls

“Nick has been the sole provider of HotelTonight’s photographic work in London since we arrived and he has exceeded our expectations with the quality of his images and the speed with which he responds to and completes projects we assign. Nick understood our brand and visual identity and produces exemplary images that are beautiful and high quality. He is a pleasure to work with and his communication to our partners is both professional and considerate.”

Stephanie Usry, Sales & Production Manager, HotelTonight

“Nick’s photography demonstrates his care, diligence and attention to detail. With some photographers there’s a need to explicitly direct the photography toward the areas of the space you recognise need exploiting. However, with Nick, he naturally captures the essence and spirit of the spaces he photographs, capturing images that enhance and lift the environment, seemingly without effort.”

Adam Burtt-Jones, Partner, Burtt-Jones and Brewer

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