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Having been an illustrator for 5 years, it made sense to take the next sense into animation and live action direction.

David worked on his first animation project, a short film for Stocktown, a Swedish record label in 2002. The project took him to Stockholm for several visits, working with animation production crew, the film, an animated piece carried the narrative of a friend sending a message through a paper airplane that travelled in and out of the event, the final piece was shown on huge screens through out a 3 day music event the following year.

Since then, David has worked on numerous animation projects, as an individual and as part of a larger team. Projects have included television spots for Fidelity Investments and ABanca and numerous music videos including one for Nebraska based Bright Eyes; a favourite of Davids.

“I love giving my drawings a heartbeat, animation allows me to do that. I work as an animation and live action director and have produced a wide range of work with both disciples and combining both.”

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