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David has been drawing since childhood and a professional illustrator for 17 years.

David’s professional illustration portfoilo covers a variety of themes including figurative illustration, music equipment, characters and architectural illustration.

David has illustrated ad campaigns for Douglas & Gordon, Illustrated and directed a music video for Bright Eyes, Illustrated and created a variety of different characters for campaigns around the globe as well as a wealth of other projects for an impressive list of global clients.

“My interest in drawing came from childhood. I would spend days transcribing movies I had seen in the cinema, into small comics from memory and shortly after seeing the film so I would remember it. I would then re-read the comic as an attempt to watch the film again. Being an only child, drawing to me was like an absent sibling. I was never bored and always entertained with this ability I had tapped into and I knew from a young age that I was hooked. In my teens I began designing tape covers for my friends’ bands and printing my own small press comics. Finding an outlet to exhibit my work in such a DIY way was really empowering and gave me the confidence to apply to art college. After graduation I created a small portfolio and began to lug it around town; 17 years later i continue to draw daily and have amassed a wide range of illustration work for a wide range of clientele. I work on many self-initiated projects and produce my own prints based on this work.”

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