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Nick Miners grew up near the Lake District and as a child he spent his weekends and holidays walking the lakes and exploring the countryside with his family. His affinity with nature and the countryside, coupled with the receipt of a Praktica MTL-50 SLR on his 11th Birthday, developed into a love of landscape photography and the rest is history!

Nick’s love of Iceland grew from his first visit in 1999, when he was struck the sheer variety, wildness and isolation of the Icelandic countryside. Regular visits since (currently 14 and counting) have enabled him to develop an affinity with the Icelandic landscape, and he often returns to the same spot at different times of year to capture the variety of moods that changing light can bring.

Nick still visits the Lake District on a regular basis, and has begun to explore more of Scotland, having visited Shetland, Skye and Lewis & Harris in recent years. Nick’s travels and love of nature have resulted in a large collection of stunning landscape images which he regularly shows at galleries and exhibitions around the UK. His landscape prints can also be found in independent shops and boutiques all over the world.

“As much as I enjoy commercial work, the freedom that comes from being able to set your own agenda, and the sense of achievement you feel when getting up at 4 am to witness a spectacular sunrise on your own, is something I can never take for granted. We view the countryside as static, but the changing of the seasons over the course of a year, and the light over the course of a day, throws up endless variety meaning there is always something new to find in the most familiar of places.”

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