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When selling products online, the quality of your product photography is paramount. It tells the consumer how to value your brand, the quality of your products and how trustworthy your business is.  For fashion brands it also shows your customer that they belong, that they live your lifestyle.

High quality images can turn an undecided customer into a conversion, especially if you are selling on highly competitive platforms such as Amazon or Ebay, or relying on Google shopping for your traffic. If you are a wholesaler, your retail customers will expect you to provide them with quality images, not least because the time, effort and cost of shooting the products themselves will be prohibitive.

A consistent set photographs, showing your products as part of a collection, helps to consolidate your brand identity and increase it’s authority: buyers will see your images and immediately recognise your work, especially where well-directed lifestyle photography or creative product photography is concerned. And the use of striking, original photography on social media, especially visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, will draw more people to your store and build brand engagement with an increased chance of reposting and sharing.

Packshot Photography

Simple and clear, our packshot photography will provide you with high resolution images of your product range on plain white or transparent backgrounds, to allow you to present the images against a backdrop of your choosing. We can provide full product shots from all angles, ‘hero’ shots, and detail shots. Our packshot photography would be ideal for catalogues, packaging and advertising.

Lifestyle product photography

If you want to show your products being used, our lifestyle photography service is the best option. Lifestyle photography is about more than just the product, and depicts the people who use it and how they feel when doing so. Research has shown that when including an image of a smiling customer using your product, conversion rates can rise as much as 102%.

Creative product photography

Sometimes you want to be a little more inventive when it comes to presenting your products. By investing in high end, creative photography you will end up with imagery that represents the quality, originality and desirability of your products.