Architecture Photography

Architecture is about more than just buildings. Architects create work spaces, environments and homes. Every building has its own character, drawn not just from how it looks but where it is, how it is used, and most importantly, how it feels.

Infromthestorm's architectural photographers recognise the need to understand a place beyond just the exterior façade. As important as the full-length exterior shots are the details showcasing the techniques and motifs that make a building unique. The way light interacts with exterior and interior spaces is also crucial, and capturing this on camera is a key part of the architectural photographer's services.

On top of this, the basics are just as important - keeping a close eye on the weather so the exteriors can be shot on sunny days with blue skies, choosing the right time of day for the angle of the sun, and using specialised equipment to ensure that the horizontals and verticals are as accurate in the photographs as they are in real life.

Aside from the technical aspects, our photographers understand the need to convey the emotions a building conveys. They will take the time to explore your space before even reaching for the camera, and will work with you to understand the thinking and motivation behind the design.

Our photographers have extensive experience of working with architects, construction companies, developers, building management companies and councils, providing stills photography and time lapse video. 

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