Creative Representation

If you are a creative looking for an agent you are in the right place.

We provide representation to artists, designers, illustrators, film makers and photographers across the full spectrum of creative services.

As an agency we understand and appreciate alternative culture; we love pop-art, comics and neon and we turn away from the middle-of-the-road, generic products that can be found off and on the high street. We also understand that most artists and creatives have different revenue streams, from bread-and-butter contract work to branded products and original art sold through galleries and shops; we provide representation for all of these things.

We encourage our creatives to work collaboratively, offering our clients packaged services, as well as daily rate contract work. We choose our creatives wisely, ensuring that each is fairly represented and we work proactively to ensure a steady stream of work with each agent having a maximum number of creatives to look after.

So if you are looking for representation, want an agent who understands you and just ‘gets it’ please get in touch. We're looking for independent brands, artists, designers and illustrators with their own unique sense of style and something different to offer.